The Art of Cheese Making

The Swiss Advantage

Switzerland is a land of Alpine mountains, pristine lakes and green grasslands.  All summer, cows graze on the lush hillsides, producing milk that’s crafted into fresh, delicious cheeses of many flavors and textures.

For centuries, Swiss Master Cheesemakers have been passing on their Old World traditions to the next generation, adhering to strict environmental practices, production guidelines and quality controls to produce quality, high-nutrition cheeses.

Natural Cheese, Exceptional Craftsmanship

With the same attention to detail as our founder Hans Rothenbuhler, we are a major producer of exceptional Swiss cheese, sweet Swiss whey and cream in the U.S., sold from Maine to California, from Florida to Alaska. 

Exceptional Ingredients

Our ingredients are 100 percent Kosher certified and our milk is 100 percent Grade A. In addition, all of our products are Halal certified. Our Swiss cheese is made with all natural ingredients and is lactose free, low in sodium, contains zero trans fat, is an excellent source of calcium, and a good source of protein.

Doing It Right – The First Time

As a USDA-approved facility and certified Grade A dairy plant with SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Level 3 Status, we blend the artistry of the past with modern day innovation.  Our Swiss cheese is processed in the safety of enclosed equipment so that the purity of the cheese is ensured.

Our state-of-the-art technologies enable us to monitor and control every step of the process from virtually anywhere…ensuring consistency of each and every pound of Swiss cheese. Certified Cheesemakers ensure every batch of our natural Swiss cheese is consistently delicious, with award-winning quality and flavor.

We value the efficiency of our modern facility, using numerous eco-friendly “green” initiatives that involve recycling energy and resources. As God gives His strength, wisdom and favor, we will endeavor to keep the same commitment to excellence in future generations.

A handshake is as good as a signature.

Automation and Zero Defects

We commit ourselves to Zero Defects in our everyday operations. Using the latest technologies around automation is vital in our pursuit of perfection. We call it “Rothenbuhler Remote” – our unique automated ability to monitor and control all of our processes hands-free, from anywhere. Here are a few more of our guiding principles by which we operate daily:

  • To create cheese products so exceptional in taste, customers knock down the door to acquire more. That vision is what drives us to make world-class cheese varieties.
  • To continuously implement “Best Productivity” practices in all our production. That means being the most productive in pounds per person at one site.
  • To be profitable and “Debt-Free” by internally financing operations and projects.
  • To incorporate and abide by a “Green” culture, being wise stewards of God’s earth. Our respect and responsibility towards our planet extend to how we interact with our suppliers, associates, customers, and community. 

We’re driven by peak performance.


  • USDA approved facility
  • Certified 100% Grade A dairy plant
  • All ingredients are HALAL /Kosher certified
  • SQF Level 3

Rothenbuhler® Cheesemakers and Rothenbuhler® Whey Ingredients have achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 Certification, the highest Level of Certification awarded under SQF. This certification requires a new level of detailed diligence and prevention perseverance from the entire Rothenbuhler team. That means our quality assurances will not stop at Level 3. Our unwavering commitment to food safety and food quality drives continuous improvement in our process, in our products, in our productivity, in our profits, and in our planet.

Ultimately, recognizing the vital importance of every step along in the supply chain, from pasture to plate, fosters perfect peace of mind in our brand.

Sustainability to the core

At Rothenbuhler® Cheesemakers, we pursue excellence in every aspect of our business to enhance our sustainability in the years to come.

Sustainability is at the core of our FOCUS, particularly achieving Zero Defects in our relationship with the environment. Milk has 86 percent water and we recycle this water (cow water) for all our processes. Our wise stewardship involves treating our waste water (water and solids from cleaning) via biodigestion, membrane filtration, and methane gas production used in making steam for our cheese making. Lord willing in the future, we plan further filtration of our effluent to reuse for certain cleaning applications. Our fermented solids are applied on fields as a natural fertilizer to grow nutritious animal feed.

We value the efficiency of an extremely modern facility that has used numerous eco-friendly/"green" initiatives that involve recycling energy and resources. That means blending the artistry of the past and the innovation of the future as we make fine Swiss cheese.