All Rothenbuhler cheese varieties are an excellent source of calcium and protein, are lactose- and gluten-free, low on sodium, and contain zero trans fat. All are Halal Certified, made from pasteurized Grade A milk and Kosher ingredients. Our family takes pride in our ethically produced milk supply, which includes rBST-free milk.


Known for its distinct nut-like flavor. Placed second in the both the U.S. and World Championships.


This Baby Swiss has a soft, creamy mouthfeel and a mild taste. Awarded first in the U.S., third in the World.


Bursting with flavor and full of cute, tiny holes. 

URsario® ROBUST Swiss

A very robust flavor reminiscent of old world artisan cheeses that is enjoyed by all generations.

Reserve Robust Aged Swiss

Featuring a wonderfully robust flavor that has been aged to perfection.

Chica Mia® Mexican Style

Our first non-Swiss varietal that presents an excellent creamy flavor with superior shredding and melting properties. 

Lacey Swiss

A mild flavored Swiss cheese with nutty undertones and a delicate lacey appearance.